I Hate NY

Role: Post-production sound

“I HATE NEW YORK” (2018)
Four women artists and transgender activists from the New York underground scene talk in the first person about their experiences and their struggles for an identity of their own.

Directed by: Gustavo Sánchez
Executive producers: J.A. Bayona, Fiona Vidal-Quadras and Carlos Bayona
Producers: Sandra Hermida, Javier Soto and Ricard Robles
Delegate Producer: Soledad Martínez
Produced by: Colosé Producciones, Silent Soundsystem and Gustavo Sánchez, with collaboration from Películas La Trini
Music by: Arca, Alva Noto+Ryuichi Sakamoto, Koreless, Sharon Needles, Transisters, LCC, Colin Self, Mr.K!, Demmy Sober…
Edited by: Jaume Martí and Gerard López Oriach


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