El color de la sed

Role: Sound. DIR: Gala Gracia. The Color of Thirst is a short film set in Spain about a man, his sheep and a terrible drought. When a series of robberies forces his hand, he will have to take the toughest decision of his life. https://elcolordelased.com/


Role: Sound recordist, ENG, Sound editor. Prod: Camila Films. Review, EL PAIS En Nicaragua, 18 mujeres trabajadoras sexuales han sido nombradas auxiliares de justicia por la Corte Suprema con el fin de facilitar la resolución de los conflictos menores. Es la primera vez en el mundo que las trabajadoras sexuales acceden a esta función. La … Read more…

El hombre desconocido

Role: Sound designer, sound mixer. Pedro is a loving husband and a dedicated librarian, but he also is a serial killer with a thirst for blood so huge and irrepressible that will endanger the illusion of his life. IMDB

Mos of us don´t live there

Role: Sound designer, sound mixer. Dir: Laura Marie Wayne. Most of Us Don’t Live There is a memoir, both visually stunning and heartbreakingly sincere; a young woman wanders the landscapes of her childhood and explores a life colored by beauty and illness. Set in the powerful Canadian Rockies, the film draws a link between nature … Read more…